For Companies

Los Monitos Language Company is a for-profit company and understands that other companies must evaluate the need for language instruction, cultural education, translation and interpreting from the standpoint of Return on Investment.

That’s why Los Monitos’ corporate programs fall into meeting ONE of FOUR RETURNS.

1. Productivity – When companies have either clients or workers who speak English as a second language or do not speak English at all, there is no question that time is literally “lost in translation” and possible work output. In addition, the time and money that is spent trying to convey information, re-explaining, rectifying issues due to a lack of understanding causes an additional opportunity cost… What could everyone have been doing instead?

2. Safety – Beyond productivity, some critical information, if not clearly communicated, could lead to loss of life or serious injury. OSHA mandates that workers who do not speak English as a first language MUST receive safety training in THEIR native tongue. Safety issues can literally cause financial distress on a company that disregards or neglects their responsibility to ensure worker safety.

3. Liability – Beyond safety, companies have an obligation to its workers to make sure that they understand the policies and procedures in place at the company. If non-native English speakers are shown to have been treated differently than other workers, legal or regulatory problems could arise. Workers who are involved in the supply chain or delivery of a product or service could also inadvertently cause quality issues with customers.

4. Affinity Programs – Los Monitos partners with organizations to provide personal and professional development through language learning or cultural education for its employees. These programs can be structured as a benefit or retention device for an organization’s workforce. When Los Monitos Language Company becomes the language and cultural “go-to resource”, we bring many advantages and benefits over and above instructional, interpreting and translation.

Our most popular services for companies include:

Customized individual or group classes that emphasize vocabulary and expressions that employees need to know!
The word Translation on a background of 3d letters to illustrate translating, decoding, deciphering or interpreting the meaning of a message in another language
Written document translation including legal, marketing, service, and employment documents.
Teaching practical and targeted ESL (English as a second language) to a workforce.
49_1503.i035.005.S.m003.c13.translation and dictionary infograph
On-site Interpreting Services for Meeting and Trainings

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