Los Monitos is always looking for talented instructors, translators, and interpreters!

We accept applications for part-time language instructors, interpreters and translators on an ongoing basis. Resumés are accepted from those who speak all languages. Instruction positions are part-time, depending on client demand and range from 2 to 10 hours per week, teaching group and private classes, adults or children. Los Monitos interpreting and translation positions are assigned on a per-contract basis.

Los Monitos Instructors are carefully selected and preferably possess the following qualities:

  • Native or Near-Native Accent

  • Previous Educator or Tutor Experience

  • Graduate Degree or Certification

  • Dynamic and Engaging Teaching Style

  • Comfortable, Confident and Creative with Students

  • Passionate about Language and Culture


Upon review of a qualified submitted resume, prospective instructors are invited for an interview / short teaching demonstration.

Interested candidates may submit their resumés to Info@LosMonitos.com. Call (502) 893-0933.

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