Frequently Asked Questions
1. What programs do you offer?

We offer a wide-variety of programs for children and adults, including group classes, private instruction, school- and business-based programs and experiential learning programs.

2. What’s an experiential program?

Our Experiential Programs are an alternative to traditional language learning and offer both the serious learner and entertainment-seeker an “experience” – sometimes in dining, sometimes with wine-tasting, others in travel-oriented settings. Learning is not the primary objective, but a by-product. We call it “Serious Fun!”  We offer experiential programs several times per year.

3. When do group classes start?

We offer group classes at our St. Matthews location (503 Washburn Ave.) 6 times per year and our upcoming schedules are always posted on our homepage.

4. How much do group classes cost? Are materials included?

Our group classes cost between $149 – $179, depending on the language and format (traditional or XL Programs) and run for 7 weeks. Materials are included.

5. What materials or books do you use for group classes?

For our Spanish programs, we have developed our own proprietary curriculum. For our Non-Spanish programs, we have selected 3rd party books which our instructors have endorsed.

6. How do I find out what the correct class is for me?

The best way to find the right class is to contact us directly by phone or appointment so that we can personally assess your previous experience and recommend the best class for you.

7. What if I miss a class or can’t finish the program?

If you miss a class and want to catch up, we offer a $35 private make-up class with your instructor – which is a 40% discount off of standard private instruction rates. Should you not be able to complete a program that you have started, we will credit the balance of your non-attended classes towards a future program. We are unable to offer a refund for a program that has already started.

8. When am I going to be able to speak the language? Are your classes really conversational?

Learning to speak a foreign language is a process. While everyone learns a little differently, the adage that practice makes perfect is applicable. Since our emphasis is on conversational learning and we use live instructors, we believe that our students learn to speak proficiently more quickly than a pure grammar method. A student committed to studying the language can become “conversational” within a year.

9. Do you offer classes in languages not listed on your website?

We are proud to promote our language instruction in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and ESL. We frequently receive requests from prospective clients wishing to study other languages (for example, Dutch, Swedish, Greek) and we do have the ability to locate instructors for private lessons! We are excited to have connections to many talented langauge instructors from the area.

10. Do you offer private tutoring/instruction? How much is it?

Absolutely! Private instruction is one of our most popular offerings. It is not only one of the most effective forms of instruction, it is also the most flexible for busy individuals and families. Visit our Language Instruction Page for more information.

11. When can I start a private class?

One of the biggest advantages of private instruction is that it can begin and end when you want! We recommend private instruction last between 1-2 hours and we schedule classes at your convenience!

12. Where does tutoring take place?

Another advantage of private instruction or tutoring is that we can hold those sessions at our St. Matthews location, at your home, business location, school or another location in the community that is convenient and conducive to learning.

13. What are my options for enrolling? How do I pay?

For group classes and events, our online enrollment is the easiest to review options, enroll, and pay. For private instruction, our Private Instruction Specialist is available to speak with you personally to assess your needs and can take payment over the phone, or give you other options to pay by credit card, check, and installment plans.

14. What’s the “Los Monitos Premium Passport” program?

Our Passport Program is simply our version of a “Frequent Flyer Program!” The passport is best suited for students who are serious about learning a language through private instruction. With purchase of a Passport, students receive a 15% discount on private instruction. Adults renew their passport every 6 months and children under 14 never have to renew theirs!

15. Do you offer classes for families? How much do they cost?

We pride ourselves in providing highly customized programs for our clients. Many times, families want to learn a language together. Based on the family’s specific objectives, we will build a program suited to accomplish those objectives. Cost is generally a function of a) number of people, b) number of instructional hours, and c) complexity of the program.

16. Do you have children’s programs? What do they learn?

Yes! Our company began providing instruction in daycares over 12 years ago. We continue to offer classes for children in daycares, after-school programs, home schools, at our St. Matthews location, and private instruction. Obviously, programs for children are delivered through age-appropriate methods and have different objectives than adult programs. Children do tend to have fewer obstacles to language acquisition and learn vocabulary and accents very quickly.  View our Kid’s Page for more information.

17. Are there “levels” for children programs?

Yes. Our programs rotate through various modules which allow new children to join without difficulty. For younger children, exposure is the key until they reach and age where they can begin understanding grammar and having basic conversations.

18. Do you do any after school programs?

Yes! We regularly offer Spanish, French, and Chinese after-school programs. We work closely with each school to structure the program that best fits their school and interested students. Spanish Explorers is one of our most popular programs. We also offer International Spy Camp in an after-school format.  See our School’s Page for more information.

19. How can I get my child’s school to run one of your after school programs?

If you would like to get an after-school program at your child’s school, we simply have to be connected to one of the school administrators. With a supportive administration and a minimum of 8-10 students, we can offer a great after-school experience for kids. We typically offer our after-school programs one day per week, but can adapt the schedule if desired.

20. Do you offer summer camps?

We have wonderful Summer Camp offerings! All of our Summer Camps are themed and we always offer a mix of camps that appeal to many interests and cultures. Popular programs include French, Spanish, and Chinese combined with cooking and our International Spy Camps.  See our Kid’s Page for more information.

21. Do you offer any  translation or interpreting services?

Interpreting and translation represents a major portion of our overall business. We provide these services for the best companies in our community, as well as individuals needing small translations like marriage certificates and educational transcripts.  For more information, visit our Translation and Interpreting Page.

22. Do you do any immersion programs?

When a client desires, we can develop a program that is near-immersion. Of course, the best immersion experience is to travel to the target country itself. Through daily instruction and exclusive use of target language, an immersion experience can be achieved. These programs are custom designed and proposed.

23. Are your instructors native speakers? Can I request specific instructors?

We employ both native and near-native speaking instructors. We do our best to match instructors to the specific needs of our clients, and in many cases a native speaker is desired. Our non-native speakers are rigorously chosen and in most situations can provide a phenomenal experience for students.

24. Do you provide background checks for your instructors?

Yes. Basic background checks are completed on our instructors. We also comply with specific requirements of clients, for example when teaching in childcare environments.
If you have any additional questions, please CONTACT US at any time!