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Los Monitos Loves Kids!

Los Monitos began by teaching languages to children and that emphasis remains today. Our programs engage children through interactive activities, games, songs, worksheets and experiential trips.

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Like our adult programs, we introduce concepts to kids in useable blocks of information. Each program we offer has various themes or structured modules which introduce, practice and repeat vocabulary and expressions. Our instructors speak and engage students predominantly in the target language.

Why Teach Kids a Foreign Language?

Globalization (“the world is flat”) and immigration (“people from other countries are living and working in the United States”) is increasing and will continue to increase. The labor market and economy that today’s children will inherit will be more diverse and will demand global skill sets – the ability to communicate in other languages and understand other cultures.

Language and cultural education will prepare our children to better relate and engage their future colleagues, clients and employees. In addition to practical reasons, language acquisition is a highly developmental exercise. It sparks the mind and stimulates children to begin recognizing and building patterns.

What Programs are Available?

Los Monitos offers a variety of programs to meet the parents’ specific objectives.  Whether the goal is to simply introduce a child to another language, include a stimulating and educational activity in their routine, or seriously pursue conversational proficiency, we have or can design a program for them!

¡Sensacional! – Group classes for 2 1/2 – 4 year olds!

Private and Semi-private language instruction (or tutoring) for all ages

On-Site Daycare Programs

On-Site After School Programs

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¡Sensacional!International Spy Camp
After School Programs!
Contact us about getting one at YOUR child's Elementary School!
2017 Summer Camps
(for 6-12 year olds)

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