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kids hola spanish class late fall 2018 graphic
Allow your young, aspiring polyglot to say "Hola" to a new language adventure. This course introduces little estudiantes to the basics of the Spanish language - alphabet, numbers, greetings, introductions, essential vocabulary and basic conversation. Delivered in two age-appropriate programs and taught by a native speaker, ¡Hola! Kids' Spanish Classes are a fun and effective way for your child build the basics of the Spanish language. Pricing: 3-5 ($54), 6-9 ($69)
ni hao kids chinese class late fall 2018 graphic
Is it time for your aspiring polyglot to say "Ni Hao" to a new language adventure? This course introduces your child to the basics of the Chinese language - greetings, introductions, essential vocabulary, basic characters and conversation. Taught by an experienced and loving native speaker, ¡Ni Hao! Kids' Chinese Class is an engaging way for your child to start building a foundation of the Chinese language. Pricing: $69

Kids' Language Instruction completely customizable

From basic exposure to language proficiency, we can build a program around your child’s learning objectives and goals. Our instructors love working with children and are fully equipped to teach your child one-on-one or in a small group.