About Us


Los Monitos, Inc. began in 2002 as the founder’s side business teaching Spanish to youngsters in daycares and pre-schools. Within a year, the company had established its first elementary school program and the first adult classes were being offered. By the mid-2000’s, corporate and healthcare on-site programs were being offered.

Over the years, Los Monitos could be found in a number of eclectic locations, including Bardstown Road, The Mellwood Arts Center, Frankfort Avenue, Prospect, Crane House in Old Louisville, and currently in St. Matthews near Oxmoor Mall on Washburn Avenue.

The company is constantly adding programs and services to meet our clients evolving demands.  Our most popular offerings include Private Instruction, Translation and Interpreting, International Spy Camp, and Summer Camps.

Today, the mission of Los Monitos Language Company is to “Develop, produce and deliver innovative, customized, effective and enjoyable world language and cultural programs. We also serve individuals, institutions and businesses by providing high quality translation and interpreting.”



Bill Heinz, President & CEO
(502) 295-7876

Languages Spoken: English (native) and conversational German.

Countries Lived In and Visited: Lived in United States and Germany (visited East Germany when it was still East Germany). Visited Canada, Mexico, England, Wales, France, Luxembourg, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Japan and China.

Why I’m Working with Los Monitos: I bought this company because it represents a collision of my passions and interests. It has an international focus, it has tremendous growth potential, and it allows me to put to work the entrepreneurial spirit I was born with. One example is being one of the co-founders of Amazing Global Marketplace.  Above all, though, Los Monitos Language Company creates and cultivates relationships that would never have existed before.



Los Monitos Language Company maintains a broad instructor pool of over 70 pre-qualified instructors, both native and near-native speakers who have studied or worked in-country.

Our instructors’ diverse professional and cultural backgrounds enable Los Monitos to provide the most qualified and well-suited instructors for each program. At a minimum, instructors have an Associate’s degree in a related field with 2 years of teaching experience, and in most cases, have a B.A., M.A., PhD, M.B.A., or M.D.

All Los Monitos Language Company instructors are bilingual (many can speak 3-5 languages) and are trained in the Los Monitos teaching methodology.

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