Summer Camps

Our 2023 Summer Camps Enrollment is NOW OPEN!  Go to ENROLLMENT SITE.

Check out a couple of our reviews from previous camps:

With a 6 and a 9-year-old, we have tried many summer camps over the last several years. None have come close to impressing us as much as the camps at Los Monitos. We sent our 9-year-old to a European cooking camp in anticipation of a family trip to Europe last fall. She learned so much and was a much more adventurous eater in Europe as a result. Also, the spy camps are absolutely incredible. They learn educational things (foreign words, culture facts) as well as “cool” thinks (like how to break codes or break out of duct tape “handcuffs”). We have found that many summer camps really fail to deliver on the theme and very little of the day actually involves learning—not so at Los Monitos. We now schedule our whole summer around which camps the kids want to attend there. – W.M.

My daughters experienced three Los Monitos camps this summer, and enjoyed every minute. These must be Louisville’s most unique day camps! Where else will kids learn about and report news stories from around the globe, or learn foreign language vocabulary while painting, drawing, and cooking? Los Monitos camps are terrific opportunities for enrichment and education–while having a ton of fun too! – J.K.

We look forward to seeing your kids this Summer!