Greet the new year with a language goal.

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*NEW* Voilà! French Cooking, Build-Your-Own Group Class Options, Revamped XL Spanish, German, Arabic and Japanese

We develop, produce and deliver innovative, customized, effective and enjoyable world language and cultural programs.

Customized Language Instruction

For the serious language learner or for the most customized program, private instruction is the best! Your instructor is entirely focused on meeting your objectives and adapts the teaching style, curriculum and schedule to achieve them.

Spanish Immersion

XL (Extreme Language) Spanish is an immersion class designed to expedite language acquisition through experiential learning.

Translation & Interpreting

We have the translating and interpreting professionals to clearly and accurately communicate critical information.

keep calm and host an exchange student 17

Host a Foreign Exchange Student

If you can’t be the foreigner, host one! We can facilitate the process of your family becoming a host family for a high school exchange student. The exchange experience significantly enriches the lives of both the host family and the exchange students.¬†