XL Spanish

XL (Extreme Language) Spanish

You won’t find a more adventurous way to learn Spanish in Louisville! XL Spanish is an immersion program designed to expedite language acquisition in an experiential learning environment.

These classes are:

  • taught entirely in Spanish by a native speaker
  • highly active and engaging
  • designed for you to understand AND speak
  • integrated with hands-on learning experiences

Be prepared for an excursion or special activity. You may find yourself chopping cebollas in our cocina, ordering your favorite tacos at an authentic taqueria or perhaps hunting for the items on your shopping list at a local supermercado. Whatever it is, you’ll be surprised, challenged and stimulated. We do our best to bring the Spanish-speaking countries to you.

3 Levels. One Goal.

Learning Spanish the XL way is equally challenging and rewarding, which is why we liken the adventure to climbing a mountain. And if you’ve ever done the latter, you know how empowering it is to gaze out from the top.

Base Camp (Level 1)

Designed for absolute beginners (or those who may need a fresh restart), Base Camp is where you’ll build a basic yet strong Spanish foundation. By the end of this 6-week course, you will have learned the following Spanish material:

  • Spanish alphabet and pronunciation
    greetings, introductions and farewells
  • vocabulary: basic adjectives, colors, numbers, family members, food and drink
  • Simple present, present progressive and imperfect tenses of various everyday verbs
  • conjugations of essential but irregular verbs: gustar, ser, estar

Don’t get too anxious about the “total immersion” aspect of XL Spanish.  Our instructors KNOW that you don’t speak and understand Spanish yet.  This approach sends a signal to your senses to step up their game by observing closer, listening more intently, and taking linguistic risks in a safe environment!

Ascent (Level 2) – Four Rotating Modules:

  1. Travel / Geography
  2. Restaurant / Dining
  3. Music / Cinema
  4. Science / Technology

These rotating modules are designed to introduce different content but reinforce the same grammar principles, regardless of the module being offered. You can join at any time to complete all four. By the end of these four modules (each a 7-week course), you will have had exposure to the imperfect, preterite and future tenses as well as gained a wealth of vocabulary and cultural information to help you reach the peak of your Spanish journey.

Summit (Level 3)

Designed for advanced Spanish students or graduates of all four Ascent modules, Summit is the final level of XL Spanish. Here, you will use your Spanish-speaking skills to engage with your classmates and instructor in an active, discussion-based environment as you review and expand on Spanish grammar and continue to immerse yourself in various Spanish-speaking cultures through reading and writing. Be prepared to explore the following in this evolving, 7-week course:

  • Textual analysis of short Spanish literature (short stories, poetry, essays, etc.)
  • Spanish composition
  • Subjunctive mood

Summit may be the final level, but that doesn’t mean it has to be the end of your language journey. Round after round, as Summit groups continue to grow, they naturally acquire “higher summiteers” than others. That’s okay. Graduating “ascenders” will either join an existing Summit group or new groups will form as needed.

If you already have some experience with Spanish and don’t know where to jump in, feel free to contact us. We are always happy to help with placement.